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Intera is a mindset

We are a company based in California, US. We develop a unique and innovative mobile-first platform for reading, creating and publishing the next generation of interactive content.

Our Product

Introducing Intera

Intera is a new groundbreaking platform to create, discover and publish interactive comics.

Intera Platform


Context and dynamism cannot be expressed with static content. Intera Books will offer these and even more to fight passive learning and boring content presentation.


Our product will offer professional capabilities for creating interactive books for anyone. You don’t need to be a software developer, digital artist or writer: with simple yet intuitive and powerful tools, everyone will have freedom to create.

Made for Creative People

We deeply love what we do. Also, we love making peoples' lives happier and easier by crafting a unique product that solves creation, publishing and searching issues for interactive content that is made on mobile platforms.

Unique & Innovative

Currently our product is in active development. Initially, it will be published on iOS and later on macOS and other Apple Platforms.

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